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General Discussion

Not sure what category to put your thoughts or question into? Well, search no longer, this is the space for you.

DIY Solar Projects

Are you busy building your own DIY solar project, or planning on it? This is the space for all creators to ask any and all questions relating to a DIY solar build.

Energy Storage

Looking to buy a new Powerwall? The space to talk about anything and everything relating to energy storage.


This is the category to talk about all things gardening-related. Are you interested in hydroponic technology? Perhaps aeroponics? This is the space for you.

Solar Energy

Owning solar can save you upwards of 90% on your monthly electric bills. This is the space to discuss everything and anything related to solar energy.

Electric Cars

The U.S. government plans to end all purchases of gas-powered vehicles by 2035. If you plan to jump on that bandwagon, this is the space for you to discuss all EV-related topics.

Share Your Project

Just had a solar system installed? Built your own DIY battery bank? Share the inspiration with the community. Pictures, or it never happened!

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


Solar-Powered Crypto Mining

Looking to get into solar-powered crypto mining? Post all your questions here!