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A DIY ground mount system in the Philippines

Here is one of the Climatebiz team members’ ground mount systems in the Philippines:

  • 12 panels of 400watts making 4.8 kW
  • 3.5kw inverter
  • 2.4kwh battery (24V, 100Ah).

The system is getting an upgrade this year. Adding a few more panels to reach 11 kW, but really upping the battery storage from 2.4 kWh to 20 kWh.

That is an incredible setup.

Where exactly in the Philippines is this and around how much kWh does that setup generate each year?

Wow, sign me up to live here!

Hey John,

This spot is located not too far from Quezon City. The location gets around 4.7 peak sun hours a day, according to Global Solar Atlas.

The system generates roughly 6,652 kWh per year with the production peaking in April.

With that being said, power output remains fairly similar throughout the year in the Philippines.