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Any tips for a home hydroponic system?

I’ve got a friend who has been telling me all about their hydroponic system at home. They caught my attention and I’ve been looking into it.

Does anyone have a home hydroponic system and have any tips for someone starting out?

Hey Dylan!

The first thing I always tell anyone starting out with hydroponics is to keep it simple.

Keep your budget low, look for an easy-to-grow crop, and use an uncomplicated system; you want your first time to be enjoyable and relatively stress-free.

With that in mind, why don’t you try taking a crack at growing some hydroponic basil? You can use a simple variation of Deep Water Culture known as the Kratky Method.

This is a passive system, so there aren’t any complicated moving parts that you need to frequently monitor.

If you’re interested, check out our hydroponic basil growing guide.

You’ll find further links to our resources concerning pH levels, etc.

Hope this helps!


Great! Thanks a lot!

I think that I’ll give it a go at growing some basil. Do you perhaps know if I’ll be able to transplant it into soil once it’s grown into a larger bush?
Will the roots be too weak to handle the soil?