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High Amperage Fuse for DIY Solar Generator

Regarding the DIY Solar Generator wiring diagram from How To Build A DIY Solar Generator (A Complete Guide) - Climatebiz. It mentions a high amperage fuse between the battery and the inverter. For the mid-size RV/Camper solar generator on that page, using a 1000 W inverter connected to a 100 Ah LiFePo4 battery using 4 AWG wiring, what amperage fuse would you recommend? The instructions mention 30 A for all 3 fuses, but what is meant by “high amperage” for the fuse between the inverter and battery as shown in the diagram?

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Hi @sbychan

I will get one of our experts to answer your question soonest.

Hello @sbychan

In this example, we are using a 100Ah, 12V LifePo4. This type of battery can deliver power up to 1200W, that means current up to 100 Amps. The formula I am using is:

Power = Amps * Voltage

If you want to fully use the capacity of your lithium battery, you need big (enough) wires like AWG 3 or 2 and a high amperage fuse. In our example, 125 Amps for the fuse will do.

For more powerful loads (more than 1kw), I recommend going to a 24V system. In that case for 1200W, you will “only” have a max current of 50 Amps.

1200W = 24V *50 Amps

You could then reduce the gauge of your wire, as well as the amps of your fuse (70 Amps will do).

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