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How many solar panels do I need for my campervan?

Hi there!

I’m based in Cape Town, South Africa, and would like to take my campervan off-grid. How would I determine how many solar panels I need for this? Also, would you recommend monocrystalline or polychrystalline solar panels?

PS: I’m driving a VW Syncro :wink:

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First of all, that is one cool campervan!

My brother in law had one back in the days…Unfortunately, it is sold now!

If you are based in sunny South Africa I rate you could get away with around 2 - 400 watt solar panels!

And monocrystalline, is definitely the better choice - it is much more efficient.


That is a really cool VW!

I have currently got X2 - 100 watt solar panels on my slightly more modern VW :wink:


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That is a pretty cool setup!

SUP is covering the panel just a tad though :wink: Curious on the efficiency losses there.

Hi, can u pls inform us the exact dimensions in inches for yr campervan roof (the black structure where u plan to mount the panels) ?,it helps to choose the right solar Panel.

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Hey @Chasib i have about 60 x 30 inches of space on the roof rack.

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Hi Leoni, i think u can use one 200watt panels only. sorry for the delay to answer u.