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Solar power for boat

Hi. I have a bass boat and so use a sneaker motor. I run a 100ah battery all day. By the middle of the day i have trouble fighting a breeze .
So i was thinking. Im i the open all day in the sun and a solar charger for the battery would work nicely just to top it up a bit.
I know very little about how to connect anyting with wires…
I know that i cant attach the panel straight to the how do i go about it. Cheaply?
Any guidance would be appreciated.
Oh im from South Africa

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Hey @Safaripaul welcome to the Climatebiz Community!

A solar panel will defintely help in this regard!

You are right in that you can’t connect a solar panel directly to your battery, well you could, but you will most certainly damage it over time.

Instead you want any electricity generated from the solar panel to run through a charge controller first, and then into your battery, you could look into a PWM charge controller instead of a MPPT (it’s cheaper).

How many pounds or kilograms of thrust is your sneaker motor?